Make The Most of Your Apartment

For many people, living in an urban area often means living in a cramped place and compromising on space to help cut down on costs. Living in an apartment is all about transforming it into a functional and practical living space. The ability to make a space multifunctional, comfortable and visually appealing is a challenging task. It sure is possible with these simple tips which will help you turn your space into a welcoming place that you call home!

Remember how your apartment looked the day you moved in? The place was certainly no larger that day than it is now, yet it probably appeared bigger to you. An apartment almost always looks its biggest when it’s empty, and once you start to add furniture and decorations, your home will tend to start to look and feel smaller.

Fortunately, with smart planning and careful decor decisions, you can minimize this effect and help make even small spaces look and feel bigger.

Think vertically

You probably don’t have too much floor space, so utilize your wall space. Choose tall, slim bookshelves and hang paintings high on the wall to draw the eye upward.

One large piece

Choose one large piece of furniture for every room. In the bedroom, this piece of furniture would be the bed. In the living room, it would be the sofa; in the kitchen, the table, etc. Too much furniture makes rooms look cramped. Going sparser with furniture creates more open spaces in a room, which makes the room look and feel bigger.


Keeping your apartment organized and clutter free creates a sense of openness and serenity. Try to keep your desk clear of papers, drink bottles, and the like. If you must keep documents on your desk, instead of in a drawer, arrange them into neat piles, rather than give the appearance of a disorganized or scattered mess.

Keep the air fresh and clean.

To make your apartment feel bigger, you should consider the air quality as well. Weather permitting, keep a window or two open to allow fresh air to enter your apartment and stale scents to escape. Consider adding plants and room fresheners to enliven the air as well. An apartment that feels stale or stuffy can be stifling.

Light and color

Let ample natural light into your home as much as possible to make your apartment look larger. Use light colours, neutrals and muted tones to maximize visual space. When home looks larger, you will feel better and more at home even in a small space. Try avoiding compartmentalizing your rooms with colour. Use a unifying colour throughout your home. Define spaces with accent walls or with varying hues of same colour. This will make your apartment visually read as one large space.

An apartment provides possibilities for creatively decorating your home. The above tips will help you maximize space in your apartment. Decide your storage dilemmas and choose where you want your storage and how you can present it and make it look bigger. Purge as many items that you don’t need and use on a regular basis and then begin to maximize your apartment.

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